How to Apply & Remove Gel Nail Polish like a PRO

Start Your Adventure With Semilac Gel Polish!

Semilac Ireland will help you to go through gel nail polish removal step by step!

Do you want to start your adventure with gel polish nails? Semilac hybrids are perfect solution created for you!

If you want to avoid nail chipping and enjoy perfect nails up to 21 days? Watch our tutorials

How to apply gel polish - with Semilac Starter Kit

Correct application of the product is the key to beautiful gel nail polish styling. Make sure you will practice applying gel polish regularly!

UV Gel polish was created to last up to 3 weeks. But to achieve beautiful shiny long lasting nails, you have to practice gel polish manicure. Remember! Only practice makes perfect 

1. Prepare nail plate - gently push back cuticles for example with wooden sticks or Semilac pusher

2. Use Quality Semilac nail file to shape the end of the nail plate -  for example Harbor-Bridge file 

3. Polish nail plate using Semilac Buffing Block

4. Whipe off correctly nail plate with Nail Cleaner - make sure no dust was left! ( otherwise this may cause varnish chipping)

5. If you had a problem before with nail chipping - use Semilac Primer or Primer Acid Free. It will create better adhesive layer.

6. Apply UV Gel polish base coat and cure in the UV Lamp

7. Apply Semilac Gel Polish color and cure in the UV Lamp - each layer. Try to apply thin layers of gel polish. Depend of the color you may need to apply 2,3 or more layers of gel polish for the better result. High pigmented colors may require double curing time.

8. Apply Gel Polish Top coat. ( Top coats with 'No Wipe' in the name - doesn't have to be wipe off with nail cleaner, standard Top coat has a sticky layer after curing and it has to be wiped with cotton pads soaked in the nail cleaner

9. Finish your manicure with Semilac manicure oil for more shine nails effect and skin hydration

10. Use Semilac hand cream to take care not only for the nails but also for the whole hands!

Starting with gel polish nails? Try Semilac Starter Kit

Watch Semilac Gel Polish application video tutorial. best to open in PC full screen during Semilac nails practice) 

How to remove (soak off) gel polish nails - with Semilac Starter Kit

Check out 5 Easy steps how to quick and safe take off gel polish from your nails. See our VIDEO on gel polish nails removal!

1. Use semilac nail file or sanding buffer to polish top gel polish layers

2. Use Semilac remover wraps soaked with Semilac remover liquid

3. Gently remove the rest of the varnish from the nail plate using wooden sticks or pusher

4. Softly finish shape of your nail plate using Semilac sanding block

5. Apply Semilac Vitamin 10in1 to strengthen and improve the condition of your nails

You can simply buy gel polish removal set with all necessary products!

Watch Semilac Gel Polish Removal video tutorial  - best to open in PC full screen during Semilac nails practice) 

What exactly is UV Gel Polish 

First thing first! Let's find out what exactly is UV Gel Polish ( UV Hybrid nails).

UV Gel Polish is a hybrid of standard nail varnish and gel nails. When a nail plate is prepared correctly as well as varnish applied with Semilac guidance, it can last up to 21 days with perfect deep and shine color! It is one of the most popular types of manicure chosen in professional nail salon and trained home users. UV Gel Polish was designed to be cured in the UV nail lamp for better  durability. UV Gel Polish system was invent to be used in 3 simple steps. Applying 1. Gel Polish Base coat, 2. Gel Polish Color and UV Gel Polish Top Coat . But Semilac also designed innovative ALL IN ONE  gel polish which contain all the above 3 features - One Step Hybrid  This product was created for easy home use.




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