NEW Premium Semilac Makeup products Ireland

If you know Semilac brand, you know we put on Quality. Semilac is a well know Top brand of manicure products that is conquering Europe super fast! We had one goal in mind to create our own line of Makeup products - create High End makeup products. Test our products and you will see that not only makeup products from famous catwalks can conquer women's hearts!

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Matte liquid lipstick

Semilac Matt Lips it’s a unique recommendation for demanding women. Its creamy texture provides easy and pleasant application – the product softly spreads on the lips providing a perfect coat of color.

The velvet matte effect is elegant and extremely fashionable. It fits all occasions – forget about lipstick marks on the cup, glass or… cheek! Semilac lipstick focuses on lips. Your lips.

Thanks to the high concentration of pigments, the intense depth of color cover lips at the first application. A wide range of colors – from natural to more vivid and bold – provides a perfect match to any taste and occasion.

If you want to be sure that your lips look perfect for hours choose Semilac Matt Lips. We guarantee an incredible durability – it’s you who decide when your lipstick should end the day!

Range of makeup powders & eyeshadows

Semilac mattifying powders – a perfect finish of your make up

Semilac mattifying powders are a final touch of a perfect make up! Thanks to these professional products from our portfolio you will create a durable and natural-looking make up that will stay with you for hours! Forget the uncontrolled shine of your skin – Semilac mattifying powders absorb the excess sebum allowing you to keep a perfect look and get a durable, natural-looking make up.

Makeup blushers

A perfectly tailored line of blushers. See all of them and upgrade your look!

Premium cover foundation

Your perfect second skin!
The innovative formula provides the skin with flexibility and wearing comfort throughout the day. Well-selected ingredients guarantee perfect coverage, without mask effect. Forget about uncontrolled lighting or slipping of the foundation - now you have makeup under control!

....and more! Explore our website and choose Semilac Makeup and Manicure products that you love!