Makeup Powders - lasting natural look!

Whether you are looking for matte perfection from a face powder, or a smooth finish from a transparent powder, Semilac has in its offer quality makeup powders to easy control the shine, smooth the skin, and finish your fine look!

Our makeup powders will quickly remove shine but will also be long-lasting. 

Semilac powders comes in convenient package with a sponge and a mirror. Powdering your face will be super easy!

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Face Powder for daily use - choose the best for you!

Semilac powders are a simple way to make silky soft skin with a permanently matte finish. No powdery or caked on feeling, no cause flashback. We offer well-matched Semilac colored powders, which, in addition to perfect pressing and creamy consistency, tempt with natural-looking colors.

Wondering which matting powder will be the most suitable for you and your skin type? We come to the rescue and help you match the matting powder to your complexion!

Semilac Light Beige 20 - matting powder dedicated to very light complexion and cool skin tones

Semilac Medium Beige 30 - matting powder for light and medium (olive) complexion and warm skin tones

Semilac Natural Tan 40 - matting powder recommended for dark complexion and warm skin tones

Remember, that you will get a matte finish not only thanks to well-pressed color powders. We also offer high-quality transparent powder, which will give you a lasting matte effect in your make-up too!

When to apply the face powder?

The answer to this question may seem trivial to some people. The face powder is to beautify the face, when it comes to erase unwanted shine, keeping your makeup in place and not looking like a cake with three layers :)

If you want to do it well - start with the basics. and the foundation! If your skin has some imperfections and there are dark circles under your eyes - also get a good concealer. When these steps are done, it's time for the pressed powder. You can apply it with a special sponge (you will find it in an elegant packaging with a mirror, which is packed with Semilac matting powder). If you want to apply a thicker layer of the product, you can choose a special fluffy sponge. The face powder should be applied evenly. Do not overdo the thickness of the layers - Semilac matting powders are very efficient!

What is transparent makeup powder?

You don't know what a transparent powder is? Check this out - It is a pressed, colorless powder that is dedicated to all types and skin colors. Transparent powder adapts perfectly to them and allows you to obtain a lasting matt effect, without uncontrolled shining of the skin.