Perfect wedding manicure for those who loves traditional, simple but also modern look. 

Wedding manicure is probably one of the most important stylization in your life. On this day all eyes are on you so all details must be perfect. When your dress, makeup and manicure are beautiful you will feel special this day and nothing is more important that day than how you feel. 

Have you wondered what type of manicure would you like to have? Will you create your wedding nails in beauty salon or maybe yourself? We have huge choice of colors for this special day which will match perfectly for traditional but also modern look. 

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Traditional or modern manicure?

Trends are changing every season but traditional and classic style is timeless. Many things have chenged in past years and so many brides decided to leave the traditional look. There is no more need that you should wear or you should do something. Mostly you decide what you like, what color of dress would you like to have. You can choose any color of nails to your wedding look too. Even if you have traditional white dress you can wear red nails. There are people who choose the classic look and those who choose more unique and modern stylizations. We have propositions of perfect shades for you all!

French manicure & BabyBoomer

Are you fan of classic and traditional nails? These two stylizations will be perfect for you. Perfect shades for these stylizations are: 002, 050, 051, 053 and to create white lines: Easy Decor gel white, SemiArt white.

Jewelry nails

Would you like to add some shine to your stylization? We have huge choice of shimmer gel polishes that can add a lot of sparkle to your manicure. If you are not sure to paint all nails in glitter shades you can simply paint just one nail to diversify your manicure. Perfect shades: 292, 293, 294, 295, 296, 297, 319, 320, 321, 094, 037, 179, 144, 109054

WeddiNails Collection

This season we have something special for you. Semilac has created beautiful wedding collection in beautiful shades. You can find here the most popular colors that are perfect for this special occasion. Full collection: WeddiNails.

Non-traditional stylizations

If you would like to skip traditional wedding look, or just want to add some color to your stylization you can actually pick any color from our collections. Red shades are really elegant and adds femininity: 039, 231. Pink shades will emphasize your girlish look: 003, 056, 128, 164, 192228

Your nails will look incredible in any of shades. Pick the one you like the most and if you do your wedding stylization in beauty salon you can always order the color you really love and bring it with you to your nail stylist. You will have the color you really wanted.