Here you can find selected Semilac colors for New Year's nails

Each season there is a different trend and collections for New Year's Eve nails. But it is almost the same that glitter colors appear most often on the nails during the New Year's party. Semilac has many fantastic colors enriched with a millions sparking particles. We are sure that if you are looking for color inspiration for this special day, you will find something for you.

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What are the trends on nails during the New Year's Eve?

Are you preparing for New Year's Eve party? In the style of the 60s, 80s or maybe it will a masquerade ball with masks like at Carnival of Venice? Take care of a beautiful and full style, dress, shoes, makeup and nails. When it comes to nails, Semilac is an expert and we will try to help you in this topic.

New Year's Eve nails in the style of the 60s

very often New Year's Eve is celebrated in some fancy style. For example, we all dress up in the 60's style. Nails that will fit here should be with geometric shapes, large dots and straight lines. Intense colors, such as blue or strong green glitter, but also sweet and girlish flickering pink will look amazing. Black nails combined with gold glitter with large particles.

New Year's Eve nails in the style of the 80s

Here it should be an explosion of colors. These are the times when Picasso would be ashamed of the nail art that prevailed on nails in those years. It's a mix of neon colors combined with black or gray glitters background. Golden glowing colors and strong silver glistering nail designs.

New Year's Party Nails in the Hollywood style

Choose a chic sequin dress, simple and shapely and embellish the whole style with one of the shimmer pink colors from the Semilac color range. Try  293 SEMILAC - ROSE GOLD SHIMMER

Nails inspired by masquerade ball

If it is going to be a masked party, then we recommend to choose one of our sophisticated glitter colors 340 Semilac - Shimmer Black or 341 Semilac - Shimmer Teal