Base for hybrid nail polishes - why are they so important?

A base coat is an inseparable element of gel polish manicure styling. The first step of gel polish application is to use appropriate gel polish base coat which will be adapted to our nail plate and the manicure we want to perform. This is very important because there are different types of nails. Delicate, thin, with discoloration, brittle or those that do not require a special base. It is best to explore our entire Gel Polish Base coats offer and choose the right base for your nails.

and only then you need to apply a colored hybrid varnish on it. This increases the adhesion of the polish to your nails. This is a real support, without which a manicure will not work!

Each gel polish base may also differ in color, density and properties e.g. with some of them you can extend your nails. Others, for example, have a rubber formula like Semilac BB Base Nude or Rose these base coats are perfect for soft nails. Depending on what manicure we want to get, we should also adjust our base to it. Only in this way will we get a quality manicure

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What Is The Best Gel Polish Base For Weak And Brittle Nails?

Semilac offers several bases that are dedicated to people with brittle and weak nail plates. For such nails, we recommend Sensitive Care Base, Protect & Care Base, Semilac Care Base. All these bases have additional ingredients that positively affect nail reconstruction. We can include ingredients such as panthenol, vitamin E, tea tree oil, diamond dust, biotin, keratin or nylon fibers.

How do they differ?

Sensitive Care Base - base with a very thin consistency. Perfect for very short nails (e.g. by people who bite their nails). The consistency help spreading nail polish over the entire nail plate. Delicate and thin consistency will make it easier to remove gel polish nails using the soak off method. Gentle gel polish nails removal won't damaged the soft nail plate.

Protect & Care Base - is a base dedicated to people who prefer a thick formula. High content of active ingredients such as proteins, tea tree oil, diamond dust, cabbage leaf extract, biotin and glycerin will help with nail reconstruction. The dense and hard base coat creates a protective layer on the nail plate and protects it against external factors.

Semilac Gel Polish Care Base - base in pudding nude/pink color. Colored base coat will help to reduce the amount of color varnish applied. Nails will not be overloaded and it will be easier to remove gel polish from your nails without irritating the delicate nail plate. The nylon fibers in the formula, help build a strong layer, turning brittle nails into firm structure.

The Best Gel Polish Base Coat for Nail Professionals?

Meet Semilac Extend Base with formula that make your work easier. Base has a self-leveling properties. Dense consistency but at the same time high flexibility allow for the overlay and nail extension on form up to 1 cm. This base is our top seller and is very often recommended by users. A well-made manicure will survive without problems up to 21 days using the Semilac Extend base

Gel Polish Base Coat for Nails With Unevenness - Which is The Best?

For nails with unevenness, cavities, furrows and stripes. We designed a gel polish base coat that ideally allows you to quickly level out all these unevens. If you have a such nails, you should try our Smoother base

Best Strong Gel Polish Base for a Long-Lasting Manicure

In addition to the Extend base, we highly recommend the Semilac Fiber Base. A very dense formula enriched with nylon fibers. It allows you to make a strong and durable manicure. The base has milky shade which allows you to create a strong background for the applied color. Such a foundation works perfectly with neon and pastel colors. It will bring out more depth from the color