Enter the world of Semilac Classic Nail Polishes

Nail polishes – why is it worth it?
You probably have at least one nail polish at home. It is useful for pedicure, but it is also an opportunity for a quick color change. Classic red, a safe shade of nude or timeless white and black? Why are classic nail polishes still popular? We will answer this question in our article.

Nail polishes – which ones to choose?
There are many ways to create a beautiful manicure, but the most popular are still classic nail polishes, hybrid nail polishes or UV gels. 

The great advantage of varnishes is the quick effect of well-groomed nails and the possibility of frequent color changes. Hybrid or gel styling requires skill, but above all, spending more time on manicure. Therefore, when ladies want a quick effect, classic nail polish comes to the rescue. But which nail polish should you choose? It all depends on your preferences. If you want a quick result, choose quick-drying varnishes. On the other hand, if you are looking for a product that, apart from providing a beautiful color, will also improve the condition of your nails, choose nail polishes with conditioner.

Are you in a dilemma and don't know which nail polish to choose? We will make this choice easier for you. In the following sections, you will learn in detail about two types of Semilac nail polishes.

Nail polish with conditioner – get to know Semilac Color & Care
We know that you may be concerned that nail polish will damage the nail plate. Unfortunately, this is often the reason for giving up manicure. What if you choose a product that will cover your nails with a beautiful color and also regenerate them? It's possible! Choose a color that nourishes, i.e. Semilac Color & Care. By choosing this nail polish with conditioner, you don't have to miss out on a beautiful manicure. You can choose from as many as 30 nail polishes with conditioners, so you can easily find a color for yourself. Start your search today!

The combination of intense color with the BREATHable TECHnology formula that nourishes your nails, creating a water and oxygen-permeable layer on the nails, is a solution worth using. One layer is enough to make your nails look like after a hybrid manicure. The breathable formula enriched with ingredients such as quartz, pistachio tree resin and magnesium, zinc and manganese intensively revitalizes your nail plate, increasing its resistance to damage and providing an immediate nourishing effect.

Remember to finish the styling with our iconic 2in1 Hard & Glossy Base/Top. It will provide a beautiful shine without scratches, unsightly streaks and chips.

Don't forget about care!
To make your hands your calling card, you should remember to take proper care of them. Choose Semilac hand cream and cuticle oil. Do you prefer olive oil with a lemon or pineapple scent? Or maybe you will combine cream and olive oil with the same scent? Then choose Semilac Nail & Cuticle Elixir.

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