Nail decoration is an art that requires creativity, unconventional thinking, but also great skills and, of course, good quality cosmetics dedicated to such decorating. You can create real masterpieces of various complexity using good quality nail art gels. These gels have been designed for artistic gel decorations, which, thanks to the unique features of these products, can be created on the nails in a short time. Gel nail art products are available in various color variants, thanks to which you have literally unlimited possibilities of creating attractive artistic stylizations. 

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Nail art gel - our color palette

Check out our gel nail art offer and find out more about the products that are the perfect choice for both beginners and experienced nail stylists, even for the most advanced decorations. Nail art gel Semilac are available in 12 color variants, including two universal and classic ones - black nail art gel and white nail art gel, which you will find extremely useful in most decorations. In addition to them, there are also such colours as sunny yellow, blood red, bottle green, chocolate brown, shimmering gold and crazy silver. You can complete your own set by selecting several colours or go for all options at once. Remember also about a special brush and Semilac Art Holder to make the application even easier. 

Why use nail art gels?

Why to use Semi Art not standard gel polishes for nail art? Simply Semilac UV Semi Art product range are specially designed for easier nail art creation. Products are more pigmented than standard gel polishes and the consistency and the consistency is denser which allow to createmore accurate nail art.

How to combine nail art gel with other products?

Semilac SemiArt are multi-tasking and can be used in a variety of nail art techniques. Semilac nail art gels work great when combined with other Semilac products, which can help you creating stunning art. Use Semilac Top No Wipe Real Color to protect your nail art from scratches. If you want to create a stained

Glass-like nails effect can be achieved by combine gel nail art with Semi Hardi Clear or Gel Polish Top coat. This mix not only can be used for glass nails, but you can also use it for shading in nail art.

Floral patterns and shading are easy to create by using both nail art gel with White Cream Art.  Don't be afraid to experiment! 

You can also combine for example black art gel with black gel polish in proportion 1:1 to create paint gel – perfect for painting and sketching.