Cat eye nails - change your manicure in a few moments

Semilac Cat Eye will create extraordinary effect on your nails. With particles that will turn your nails to original manicure with a hint of mystery.

Cat's eye nails are one of the methods that are currently popular. The phenomenon of this decoration is that it combines elegance but at the same that it will thrill you. When you get bored with a single-color nail stylizations, the cat's eye gel polish will surely appeal to you.

  • Semilac Cat Eye effect (standard) - gently emphasizes the cat eye effect with single color particles.
  • Semilac Cat Eye 3D effect - cat eye effect with high depth and multicolored particles.
  • Semilac Cat Eye Magic effect - series where the particles are mostly in golden color while the background color is created by its base.
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How to use Cat Eye Gel Polish effect? It is simple!

Magnetic Cat's eye manicure is super easy. Start with the standard nail preparation: removing the cuticles, filing and matting nail plate. In the next step, degrease the nail plate using Semilac nail cleaner, paint with a small amount of the base coat and cure under the UV lamp. Now choose your favorite gel polish color and apply two thin layers, cure each of them in a dedicated device. Your hands are now fully ready to apply the cat's eye varnish.

Apply the selected Gel Polish Cat Eye to the entire nail plate, but do not cure it!

To make cat's nails, work on a wet product - put the magnet over the surface of the painted nail so that it does not touch the varnish. It will attract particles and allow you to create patterns and designs that you dream about. If you are fully satisfied with the effect, cure it under the UV lamp. Use a gel polish top coat to secure your nails and your manicure is ready.