Discover our rich collection of Gel Polish Colors - over 300 shades!

Semilac color palette will surprise you positively! Semilac gail nails base colors has over 20 collections and over 250 colors. In addition, special collections of colored hybrid varnishes are designed and released for each season of the year. The gel nails polish market is constantly developing, customers expect more and more sophisticated colors that will match the season, trend and personality. Semilac tries to meet the expectations of the most demanding!

Because in our life one of the most important aspects are richness of expressive gel nails colors!

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Is it worth choosing Semilac gel polish colors? Yes, it is worth it! 

Semilac is a fabulous color factory. We try to create legendary gel polish colors. We keep checking in what trend is the world going, what gel polish colors will be on the top in a each season. How the world of fashion is created, what color shades are used on the most important catwalks. At the same time, we design our gel polish colors that correspond to everyday use.

Most popular Gel Nail Polish colors

Semilac gel design colors to uncover what's best in you!.

Our gel polish red shades that will emphasize your femininity.  Semilac gel polish glitter collection will show a hint of madness that is inside you! Our fabulous gel polish pink colors will answer to your girlish nature.  Amazing nude hybrid nails will show the power of female maturity! For more expressive gel nail polish - you have to check out our range of gray gel polish colors, neon shades  or brave and fashionable gel polish orange colors!

Semilac gel polish colors will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. Choose a gel polish color that suits you, underline your personality and what is playing in your heart <3 right now!

Nails by occassion - the perfect color choice!

Weather you are going on holidays, for a date or night out with friends. Your nails must be on point! 

Lets start from the big day - Wedding, whether it's yours or your best friend. These gel nail colors will definetally help to create stuninng wedding mani for this special day!

In the summer warm days we mostly wear bright shades or simple pastel nails. If you are looking to have more fun with your gel polish nails - nothing easier, choose one from our thermal gel polish collection. Your nails will change the gel color depend on the temperature.

17th of March - every Irish may not remember the date of birth of his mother or father, but everyone knows this date ☘  For the St. Patrick's Day simply go with one of Semilac green gel polish shade. 

Autumn & Winter time is mostly associated with dark gel polish shades. This doesn't mean that your nails will be boring. Hybrid nails with Semilac dark shades will look spectacular! Believe us! Gel colors was designed to be high pigmented, deep and beautiful.

We can guarantee that in our colorful gel offer you will find your beloved colored hybrid varnish! Show yourself through color!