Green, white and orange

St Patrick's day is the one day of the year that it’s totally acceptable to dress up in as much green as you can find in your closet, drink lots of Guinness and generally act with the luck and frivolity of the Irish. The theme of this day are colors green, white and orange just like the Irish flag is. The whole country celebrate that day, everyone get dressed up in funny or colorful outfits. On St Patrick's day you must remember to look as it should be on this day. So don't forget about your makeup and nails.

Definitely you should bet on green, white or orange color. 

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Clover and Leprechaun nail art for St Patrick's day

It is well known that clovers, leprechauns and colors: green, white and orange are symbols of St Patricks day. If you celebrate that day you need to get prepared to represent yourself in the best way. St Patrick's manicure has been enjoying for the past years by very much interest. Nails are painted in the colors of the Irish flag. Some of us want's a more detailed manicure so we can see a lot of nail art like little clovers or more talented people paints leprechauns. All of the green, white and orange shades are allowed, you can mix the colors on nails, also glitter gel polishes in these hues looks great.

Only imagination can stop you so don't be afraid to experiment with colors and decorations. On St Patrick's day everything and everyone is colorful.