Lip Glosses that will add an extraordinary glow to your look!

Lip glosses are the best friend for all who are looking for subtle and delicate solution for everyday makeup. Natural finish will maximize the shape of natural lips beauty. Semilac lip glosses are unique as they combine the perfect effect with the care of your lips. 

Natural moisturizing and protective ingredients

Thanks to the light formula, high quality ingredients you can be sure that your lips will look perfect in every occasion. The wide range of Semilac lip glosses gives you a great opportunity to pick any shade you like. From the less visible to really juicy colors. Sometimes it's enough to emphasize the eyelashes with mascara and the lips with lip gloss and the makeup is ready. 

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Take care of your lips

To keep your lip glosses long lasting you need to make sure that your lips are well moisturized. Peel your lips regularly and apply caring products. Thanks to this treatments your lips will look healthy and aesthetic but also lip glosses will be more durable. 

Semilac Lip Gloss Candy Lips

Candy Lips Lip gloss is closed in elegant bottle with handy applicator. It's really easy, comfortable and precise to use. It leaves a pleasant finish on your lips, which gives the effect of "wet lips". This product is not sticky so you don't need to be afraid that it will be not comfortable to wear it or that will disturb you.

Semilac 1000 Diamonds Lips

They are enriched with avocado oil, olive oil and phytosterols that nourish and protect the lips against the harmful effects. This product is perfect for all who have problem with chapped lips. This lip gloss formula is easy and pleasant to use. Convenient applicator gives you opportunity to take out as much product as you want. It also gives a chance to use it in two ways as it can be used just itself or it can be applied on other Semilac lipstick.