How to get the cat's eye effect on your nails?

Cat eye effect manicure is easy to do, you need only special Cat Eye gel polishes with colored particles closed in the varnish that react to the magnet and magnet tool - thanks to which you can get the particles in the right shape. A three-dimensional line resembling the cat eye pupils.

Step by step how to do Cat Eye nails effect.

Start with the standard nail preparation: removing the cuticles, filing and matting. In the next step, degrease the nail plate using nail cleaner, paint with a small amount of the gel polish base coat and cure it under the UV LED lamp. Now choose your favorite nail polish color and apply two thin layers, and cure each of them in a dedicated device. Your hands are now fully ready to apply the cat's eye varnish. Use magnet tool to activate particles and create different designs . The last stap is to secure manicure with top coat.

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