Discover Inspiring Colors That Are Perfect for Christmas Nails

Everyone knows what nail colors are popular during the holidays. Will you try to guess? Yes, it's obviously red. We have prepared various variants of this color in our offer so that everyone can find their favourite shade that will be perfect in a mat or a glitter version. But we have a lot of surprises here, and they are not red colors... Check the entire category and choose color option that suits you best for Christmas nails

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These Colors Are Pure Classics for Christmas Nails

For years, we have had the same items on the list of top colors for Christmas. Do you want to know which ones are they? As for the red color, we always have on top: 071 Deep Red, 027 Intense Red, 181 Spicy Salsa231 Girl On Fire and of course the classic red glitter – 025 Glitter Red.

Apart from red, we can find on the list many nude colors such as: 004 Classic Nude, 005 Berry Nude, 135 Frappe (looks beautiful in combination with golden glitter) , 320 Shimmer Dust Beige.

read on and you will know next bestsellers colors for Christmas nails

Top 10 Color Ideas Other Than Red for Christmas Nails

  1.       094 Pink Gold - this color works perfectly with light burgundy colors and most reds. It will be perfect as Christmas and New Year's Eve nails. It is also a good choice to make Christmas nail art.
  2.       321 Shimmer Dust Carmel - it is a beautiful deep nude color. Created for those who prefer subdued Christmas nails, this gel polish has been enriched with very delicately shimmering particles. This is a very interesting proposition.
  3.       037 Gold Disco - a color that needs no introduction. Simply if you don't have it in your collection, you must have it. You will see how beautiful this gold glitter looks on your nails.
  4.       098 Elegant Cherry - a very elegant color with a pearl finish.
  5.       083 Burgundy Wine – top of the top when it comes to winter nails.
  6.       291 Last Christmas – Color from fresh Christmas collection. In this color manicure, Christmas will be just        perfect.
  7.       017 Grey - This is a color that will add style and looks beautiful with burgundy.
  8.       032 Biscuit – for those who choose a light gel polish shade for nails regardless of the season
  9.       148 Night Euphoria - This Gel Polish will look incredible on your nails
  10.       340 Shimmer Black - it's not just black, you have to see it and you can fall in love forever