Get inspired by Semilac colors for Easter nails

This is a great time to step out of dark winter colors and boldly enter the new season with bright colors. Of course, it's not yet time for strong neon colors. At this time, we rather choose delicate whitened pastel colors. Most often pink, yellow and delicate violet. Don't be afraid to even choose blue as an add-on or as a once color mani. Let's show that we want to go along with nature. Easter nails color is usually a soft pastel pink. Our offer includes many shades of this color. You can match it with your favorite spring dress and your mood

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Soft Pink for Easter Nails

In our color palette you can find from very bright pink like 032 Semilac - Biscuit to more intense pink shades but still staying in tone spring colors tone like 234 Semilac All In My Hands Ready For Success. Such colors add girly chic and improve our mood.

Easter nails - fresh spring look

We highly recommend colors from our Closer Again collection, it is a well-designed collection in which you will find seven whitened pastel colors from blue, pink, green to peach colors that look very fresh on nails. We are sure that you will like one of the colors, maybe it will be orange 362 or lavender 365 or you may decide to use few of them and to the multi color nails.