Love is in the air!

Valentines day always reminds us that we should prove our love to our second half. Not all of us celebrate this occasion, some of us just hate this day, some don't mind but some really loves. And what is your attitude? Love is associated with hearts and red color. In that day, we can see a lot of red flowers, red hearts and a lot of little things that are related to love. This day is filled with love for those who really celebrate Valentines day. 

Do you add some special props in Valentines day? Do you wear special clothes any gadgets or do you paint your nails in red color that day? We are the factory of color, so maybe this season you will celebrate this day with one of our beautiful shades on your nails.

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Red color is always in fashion

Red shades are timeless and they emphasize femininity. If you will pick red nails they will match perfectly to your all stylizations and all occasions. They are mostly chosen by all in Christmas time and on Valentines day, but many of us wears this color all year round. If you love a classic look then put red on your nails on this special day. In our offer, you can find this special shade in many tones and hues. The most fashionable on Valentines day are painted hearts. We can add them on the accent nails or put them on the entire manicure, you can use Semilac Expert nail art brush 02 or Semilac Nail Art brush 00-2 for precise work. 

Little hearts patterns

Are you fan of little accents on your nails? Or maybe you like traditional manicure without any designs? No worries, there is so many different options and they will suits all. If you like just classic nails you can pick any red shade from our palette: Red Shades but if you would like to add some patterns or decorations you can pick some silver heartsgold hearts or other decorations. You can also paint hearts using any jewelry color or other one that will be contrast to your basic shade.

Transform your manicure this Valentines, add some color and paint some hearts. Have fun that day and fill it with love and friendship.