Professional liquids for Gel Nails & UV Gel Nail Polish - Nail Cleaner, Remover and Acetone

When it comes to UV Gel Polish manicure, professional liquids are indispensable essential.

  • Nail cleaners that will degrease the nail plate well and remove the dispersion (sticky) layer formed after curing standard gel polish top coat, One Step Hybrid or  Semilac 5in1.
  • Remover is a special hybrid nail polish remover, which is more delicate version of the classic nail acetone. Remover differs from acetone in that it contains lanolin.( Lanolin - protective, moisturizing and smoothing functions for the skin ). Remover will be preferred when you use less stronger gel polish base coats that are easier to soak off for example Vitamin Base, Semilac Base/Top 2in1. Also if acetone irritates your skin, choose nail remover liquid.
  • Acetone - Nail Polish Remover - The best color is long lasting color! However, from time to time you have to say good bye to your hybrid nails. Than acetone comes into play. Acetone will easily soak off your UV Gel Polish and will allow you to remove and all product layers.
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Nail Polish Remover & Acetone - how to use with Gel Polish Manicure

To remove UV Gel Polish from your nails with soak off method - You will need Semilac acetone or remover.  Follow a strictly defined procedure that we present it below - thanks to this you will know how to use acetone on nails in the case of a hybrid manicure.

To remove gel polish from your nails you will need few more items except acetone.

1. Matt the nails with the Semilac file, 100/180grit

2. Use Semilac remover wraps soaked in Acetone wrap well your nails and wait around 10 minutes.

3. Remove the foils and remove the remaining layer of varnish with a pusher, wooden sticks or Semilac striper

4. Use Semilac buffer block to mat the nail plate, align proper nail plate shape and nail tip.

5. Smooth the nail plate and your nails are ready for next gel nail polish

6. If you want to keep natural nails, use Semilac Vitamin 10in1 to finish your traditional manicure (this is non UV product). Add Semilac manicure oil on your cuticles to moisturize them and add extra shine effect to your nails.

How to soak off hybrid manicure with a remover? The process of removing varnish is the same as in the above case of acetone. You also need the same accessories to help you with this procedure.

Acetone vs Remover Liquid- which is better?

From our instruction you already know how to remove gel nail polish, but you are wondering what to choose: remover or acetone? It depends of your preferences. Remover is less effective than acetone for removing nail polish. But at the same time Acetone will dry out your cuticles more than remover. Acetone is also effective for removing oily coating from the nails, (preparing nails for using gel or gel polish base coat). Semilac has wide range of liquid capacity so you can have the opportunity to try both Acetone and Remover. Then it will be easiest for you to choose the right one that suits you best.