Powder for nails

Probably the best powder for nails! It will easily change every standard hybrid styling. Intuitive application of powder to nail will delight you with simplicity and effect! Metallic surface will enchant your friends! Nail powder is an absolute must have season!

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Powder for styling - how to do?

  1. Perform standard Semilac Base Hybrid Manicure -> 2x Color -> Top No Wipe.
  2. On hardened Top No Wipe, gently wipe the powder applicator.
  3. Remove excess powder with a brush or a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  4. Apply two Top No Wipe layers and harden each time in the lamp. Thanks to that you will secure your original styling. When applying powder to nails, it is very important to protect the free edge of the nail.

Nail polishing - a lot of possibilities!

Semiflash powder is not just a mirror effect or a metallic surface. Thanks to the whole line of our powders, you have nine options to change the color of the hybrid manicure - from holo to cicada and bee! You will be delighted! See what lies within reach of your hand!

  1. Unmatched holographic effect thanks to thousands of tiny particles. Be amazed and impress with 3D Powder!
  2. Animal green. Thanks to these shades of powder you will gain a fresh and energetic look!
  3. Purple dizziness - sexy and strong nail powder colors that add to the power of every image.
  4. Maybe a mirror? SemiFlash Mettalic powder offers a flawless silver surface.
  5. For dessert the original passage - from black to green. From red to blue. Ideal for any of you who do not want to be in the box.

Removing powder from nails - simple and pleasant

To remove the Semiflash nail powder proceed exactly as if removing the standard hybrid styling. Removing powder does not require any additional accessories or preparations. This property makes it increasingly popular among our clients.