Perfect Nails Finish only with Semilac Manicure Oil

Semilac manicure oils will give your nails glow and ultimate healthy look. In Semilac offer you can find 3 brilliant manicure oil collection: ELIXIR , FLOWER ESSENCE and STANDARD fruity manicure oils. Each has a rich and thoughtful composition of ingredients that will refresh your nail plate and cuticles. Out of all the parts of your body, nails are the most exposed to the weather and mechanical factors. Therefore, it is worth taking care of them using Semilac nail and cuticle oils.

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Strengthen & Hydrate Cuticles with fine Manicure Oils

Take care of proper skin hydration every day. iI particular don't forget to take care of your nails and cuticles! Valuable active ingredients, vitamins and moisturizing substances, when applied daily it will help you fight with nail cracking and irritate the cuticles - don't forget to hydrate your cuticles it will automatically reinforce them.

Best cuticle oil Ireland

Semilac prepare amazing Flower Essence Manicure collection that are Gel-like consistency. Inside you can find small flakes of different flowers. Active ingredients like peach seed oil, goji berry extract, argan oil will definitely help to care of your nails and cuticle on the highest level which making Semilac manicure oils one of the best in Ireland. Wide range of Semilac manicure oils will help you choose not only a good oil but also the best fragrance that suits you.

Cuticle oil benefits

This is no secret that manicure oils will hydrate your nails and skin around. It will result with more beautiful nails. Not everyone knows but applying manicure oil on the skin around the nail plate before soaking off gel polish will help against the cuticle irritation. 

Next Manicure Oil Benefit - Use it to finish your Gel Polish manicure. Gentle massage of the nails with one of Semilac manicure oil will give extra shine and add depth to the color. WOW effect guaranteed!

How often should cuticle oil be used?

It should be used at least after every new gel polish manicure done. But manicure oils works best when used regularly. If you work with detergents or your work exposes your nails to excessive damage possibilities. Than manicure oils should be used on daily basis. Especially those that contain active ingredients and vitamins.