UV Gel Nails Colors for professional nail tech

The unique Semilac UV Gel color are a richness of saturated colors that will create unique Gel Nails stylizations.

Semilac UV Gel colors offer wide range of shades for each season - from neon bright summer colors to deep and dark Autumn/Winter colors.  You can find here from pure white through rich red, to deep classic burgundy and perfect black colors. Create unique gel nails with Semilac - the only limitation will be your imagination.

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Semilac Gel Nail Colors - strong points

Our color UV gels are a wide range of colors enclosed in the highest quality products. Semilac nail gels give unlimited possibilities of use in styling - because we love colors! The durability of gel nail colors can last for up to a month - in order not to get bored, you must have a lot to choose from, which is why the colors of the nail gels are so important to us! Each was created with extensive care. Each of the colors is the essence of the color to make sure your Gel Nails are on point! 

Color UV gels - like other products for creating gel nails or hybrid nails, require an appropriate curing time. Below you will find a list of cureing time, the colored nail gels depending on the lamp you use:

6W LED lamp - cure color UV gels 60 seconds + 45 seconds
9W LED lamp - cure colored nail gels for 60 seconds
24W LED lamp - cure color gel nails for 60 seconds
36W LED lamp - Semilac colored nail gels cure for 30 seconds
48 / 24W LED lamp - Semilac color gels are cured for 20 seconds / 30 seconds
36W UV lamp - cure UV color gels for 2 minutes