Essential Nail Tech Subsidiary Products - Primers, Cuticle Remover & Vitamins  

Despite the fact that these are additional products to make gel nails, gel polish or acrylics. Regardless of whether you are a nail tech or person who regularly does manicure at home with one of above systems. These are the must have as you never know when you will need Nail Primer, Cuticle Remover or Vitamin 10in1 Polish (this is non UV varnish ) to rebuild and strengthens natural nail plate.

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Nail Primer - Essential product for long lasting nails

Nail Primer & Primer Acid free- this is a must for the professional nail tech. Semilac primer dries very quickly and removing all the oils from the nail surface leaving making it clean base for gel polish or gel nails manicure and creating strong bond between nail plate and the product.

Nail Primers - what is it for and how to use it?

It prevents product chipping and prevents against creating air bubbles under the base coat which could cause varnish peeling. It helps to stick varnish to a problematic nail plate. So if you or your client have a problems with nail chipping or peeling. This might be the solution for you to enjoy your nails for longer. Nail Primers are designed to work with all common nail systems: gel nails, gel polish and acrylic.

How to use Nail Primers?

1. Prepare the nail plate as always. 2. Degrease nail plate with nail cleaner. 3.apply primer on the natural nail plate and avoid painting cuticles. 4. Apply a gel polish base or acrylic.

How to use Acid Free Nail Primer?

Put a thin coat just like nail polish. Wait 40-60 seconds to dry out. This Primer won’t evaporate completely, so leaves a sticky layer on the nail plate.

How to use Acid Nail Primer? 

Put 1-2 small product drops on the nail plate. It should spread by its own on the plate. Wait for it to evaporate completely.

Preparing Nails with Cuticle Remover

You will love it from the first use makes removing and tidying up cuticles so much easier! It will soften dead cuticle skin around the nail for easy removal and beautiful nail effect. Semilac Cuticle Remover does not spill or cause irritation.

How to use Cuticle Remover

Brush a small amount of cuticle remover on the skin around the nail plate of each nail and massage in. Leave it for 60-120 sec. Then using wooden cuticle stick or pusher gently remove the dead skin that was sticked to your nail plate. Next step is to cut the cuticles excess with nippers or scissors. Than you can prepare nail plate for the gel nail polish or other system.

Essentials Nail Protection Product -  Vitamin 10in1

In Semilac offer you can find great Vitamin coat varnish that will help you to grow healthy natural nails and protect from scratches.

Portion of Vitamins will rebuild and strengthen your nails faster