Selection of Quality Semilac Blushers - Your complete look!

Semilac blushers are extremely durable and high pigmented products that will complement your makeup with freshness and girlish charm.

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Blushers - cherry on top of the perfect makeup!

The blusher is a complement to a refined make-up. It gives your feminine look with freshness and girlish charm.

By applying the blush to your cheeks, you also bring out the energy and vitality that lies dormant in you. Semilac offers extremely durable and well-pigmented blushers in universal colors. It is a comprehensive offer for every skin tone, eye and hair color. Their skillful application will allow you to achieve the desired effect of emphasized cheekbones and a fresh accent even in mature makeup.

Semilac blush is characterized by great pressing - forget about uncontrolled splashing or the hardships of application! Apply the blush on your cheeks and enchant the world with your femininity!