What Nail Colors Look Good In A Work Life?

Nails for work should be classic and you should avoid bold colors. However, we have a way to dress your nails in femininity, sweetness and… freshness form!

We have selected 50 gel polish colors for you and put them in 'Nails To Work' category that are subdued and at the same time look fantastic on the nails. They are well pigmented, so the color depth is high, which is important in nude shades, light whitened pink, violets colors or in a peachy shade.

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We offer many colors that will be suitable for work, for a business meeting or simply if you like to feel like a business woman on a daily basis

Meet our collection which was created with this in mind -  Semilac Business Line The line dedicated to successful women. These are over 30 colors  thanks to which you will create elegant nails for work.

Best Nails For Work & Office

Business etiquette makes it clear that neutral colors work best for office work. The perfect choice will therefore be classic beige for example Semilac 215 Cold Beige or soft powder pink one of our favourite is Semilac 512 LalaLove 

Shades of gray will be in good taste as well. Like our classic gray - Semilac 017 Grey

Business nail style

What should we know about the style of the nails? For example that a classic French manicure is a very good choice. But it must be very well done. So if you do not have any experience in making it and you want to look perfect at a business meeting, it is worth visiting a good nail stylist.

Remember that not only the color determines whether the nails are suitable for office work. Also the shape of your nails. Try to avoid tips and switch to natural looking nails. Stiletto shapes fall off. Concentrate on delicate ovals or short square nails.