Good Foundation - it is makeup essentials!

Semilac design foundation to be high end, special tasks makeup product. That perfectly hide imperfections, guaranteeing a natural and long-lasting discreet matte effect.

Make-up is an integral part of the morning ritual of many women. For some it ensures self-confidence, adds character and emphasizes female beauty. What is makeup basis? Strong eye make-up, blush pink cheeks or painted lips? Everyday makeup consists many factors, but the basic cosmetic that cannot be missing on your list, is the face foundation. It is an essential product! when properly selected, will allow you to enjoy a beautiful make-up all day long. 

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Make-Up Cover Foundation - that you can't live without!

Choosing the right foundation is not the easiest task. Despite the wide availability products, it is worth considering this purchase carefully and, above all, testing the cosmetic. So what should you pay attention to when choosing the right face foundation? 

Check out 5 Tips how to choose the right foundation cover

1. What type of skin is the foundation suitable for?
To answer this question, you should know what type of skin you have and then choose the type of cosmetic appropriately. In the makeup world, however, there are products that are designed for all skin types. These products include Semilac foundations, which can be used as a foundation for combination skin, but also as a foundation for dry or oily skin.

2. Remember that artificial lighting changes color!
Shop lighting can fake the actual shade of your face and product. Remember that the foundation should be applied in daylight in order to be able to better assess its suitability to your skin. For this purpose, you can use samples that are available on the islands and Semilac stationary stores. Ask your customer consultants for a sample of the undercoat in the color you want to test. This way you can try it at home and check if the shade you have chosen matches your complexion

3. Don't be influenced by the opinion of your friends.
The right foundation is an individual matter and you should not be influenced by the choice and opinion of your friends. Just because a shade that's perfect for your friend doesn't mean it will be your number one too.

4. Think about the tasks you will use the foundation for.
Before buying, you should think about what face product you need. If you have strong discoloration that you want to hide under a solid layer, it is worth choosing a covering foundation.
Semilac foundations are covering foundations in different shades - from very light beige to dark tan color. This choice will allow you to choose the perfect shade for you, and additionally provide perfect coverage for long hours!

5. How to choose a shade that suits you?
When applying the cosmetic, remember not to put the product on the wrist! The face foundation should be applied to the jawline, and then pulled towards the neck and neckline.
Rub it and check if it will blend in with the color of your skin on the neck and neckline, because it is these skin tones that should match the foundation. This cosmetic that will create a uniform color with your skin is the right color!