Don't you like your nails to glow? Do you prefer them to have a matte finish? Do you love to play with the styling on your nails? If yes, we have acrylic powder effect for you, which will give you a really stunning effect on your nails. The product we offer is not only useful but also has a very good quality. Try it out and create amazing nail styling on your nails.

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How to apply the acrylic powder?

The Semilac acrylic powder is a product that is easy to apply. All you have to do is prepare the nail plate in a regular way, then apply the base for hybrids and harden it under UV light. Then apply a hybrid nail polish in any color and harden under UV lamp as well. After that protect the whole thing with the top coat and when you do that, you can use our clear acrylic powder, which will make the styling in cozy matte finish.

Semilac Acrylic powder effect is a perfect solution to create sweater nails design. The 3D effect will add more attraction to your nails. This product is a must have, when it comes to winter nail styling with sweater nail art.

Develop yourself in the art of creating nail design

The acrylic powder available in Ireland will allow you to progress in the art of creating a nail design. Your works will look great and professional, so you will gain more experience - and if you work as a professional nail stylist, your clients will be even more satisfied with your services.

The products we offer are very good quality, so they are durable and resistant to all kinds of damage. This also applies to our acrylic powders, so please feel free to try them out.