Nail drill is the basic equipment of every professional nail stylist. Every nail stylist should have several nail drill bits that improve work on every step of the nail styling process. Our offer includes nail drill bits, Ireland, which are famous for their high quality and high materials durability. Our nail drill bits are also tested with regard to the safety and direct contact with human skin.

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Types of professional nail drill bits

There are various nail drill bits: they differ in shape, material from which they are made and usage. Every nail drill is used for a different purpose and at a different stage of styling. We can distinguish diamond nail drill bits, which are among the most popular and most often chosen ones. It will help to efficiently remove cuticles or smooth calluses; This type of drill bits are also used for shortening nails and removing the nail polish. Sand bits are slightly less durable, but they are used in a similar way. Ceramic nail drill bits are characterized by high durability and resistance to mechanical damage. When it comes to shapes of nail drill bits. We have - cones, balls, spikes and barrel/cylindric. Professional nail drill bits are designed for preparing the nail plate, removing hybrids and gel, as well as for shaping the nails.

Electric nail drill for filing nails or removing gel polish

Take a look at our nail drill offer to see what else we have prepared for you. Our store offers electric nail drill bits and complete sets with a nail drill that will allow you to fully prepare yourself for nail styling. Our nail drill sets include an electrical device and a number of replaceable bits you can use it to work on the nail plate, remove cuticles, get rid of calluses, shape nails and remove the gel and hybrid nail polish.