Professional nail art brushes 

High quality nail art brushes are offered by Semilac. These products are durable and precise, They can be used for both hybrid and gel manicure. The individual accessories can be used by professional nail stylists as well as by women who do manicures at home. 

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Nail Art Brushes

With our Nail Brushes you can make beautiful designs. Many variants of brushes and styling tools for different purpose - for example to make details on nail plate, blend colors to ombre or paint artistic elements. We offer also tools for dotting. All of our products can be use by beginners and professional manicurist.

A wide offer of nail art brushes

Semilac has prepared a wide range of brushes to match different types of manicure, as well as the effects you want to achieve. The brushes for nail decorating are solid and their bristles vary in length. Nail decoration with products such as acrylic application brushes requires high precision, so the design of accessories makes it easy to place the styling tool in your hand. With Semilac acrylic brushes, you can easy apply product with high precise. Keeping the accessories clean is effortless. When you follow all the rules, there is no risk of them getting damaged. Certainly, they will serve the owner for long time

Which one to choose? 

When deciding which brush to choose, you should be guided by your own experience and the type of decoration you wish to achieve. A medium length and thickness is recommended for: sketching, outlining, and filling with color. These professional nail art brushes are also recommended for people who are just starting their adventure with nail art. On the other hand, the long and thin tips are intended for making longer, thinner and more precise lines. The Semilac dotting tools can be used for dotting nail styling and spider gel application. You can also try our 2in1 Multitool with dotting tool one one side and thin brush on the other side. ( you can use it for nail art and to apply gel polish color in the cuticle area so your gel polish manicure will look like coming from under the skin and look more precise ) Our wide assortment includes special brushes designed for contouring and more intricate embellishments and ornaments.