Professional UV Builder Gel - A true nail technicians must have!

Semilac has few collection of UV builder gels from Smart to Expert that are perfect for extend nails, strengthening and building the nail shape or nail overlays. Each nail builder collection has different characteristics. Semilac building gels stand for durability and amazing nail design possibilities!

Professional manicure is not an easy work, even though it may seem so. The real challenge for most nail tech who deal with professional manicure are clients with short, brittle and damaged nails. There can be many reasons for this, but incorrect and too often nail treatments might be the reason. In such circumstances, a very important role is played here the right & quality UV builder gels. Dedicated to work on weakened and broken nails. Builder gels enable the proper performance of the entire range of services related to the reconstruction of the nail plate.

Are you a nail artist who take part in nail competitions and creates innovative extra long nail shapes? e.g. long stiletto ? Semilac Builder Gels with amazing hard gel structure will help you to become a champ!

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Everything what you should know about UV Builder Gel Nails

What is UV gel builder used for?

If you are professional nail tech and your work involves nail extensions and repairing damaged nails. Than Gel Builder products come into play! Formula of the builder gel was composed to have a Hard Gel structure similar to acrylic nails (but it has to be cured in UV light) It is intended to be used in nail extension, building the nail plate, creating extraordinary nail shapes, or nail overlay. 

What is the best UV gel builder?

This might be very tricky question as each of Semilac Builder Gel line has different characteristic due to various needs. But from the top seller report we can see that most popular is 'Only One' builder gel line.  This builder gel line was designed to reduces the burning sensation to the minimum. Thanks to this, creating gel nails styling will be very comfortable. UV Gel Only One has self-leveling properties, allows you to extend, build up and align the nail plate.

Why Semilac Only One deserves to be called the best UV Builder Gel? The formula was created to make this product to be easy to use even by the beginner nail tech, who are just starting to work with UV builder. Of course, good courses are essential for proper work with professional nail products.

This is one-phase gel that can be applied directly on the nail plate

Each line of nail builder gels has a slightly different consistency and stickiness, different behavior and it is worth testing a few nail builder gels to match them to your preferences.

How to use builder gel on natural nails?

Nail gels guarantee a unique and extremely durable styling. There are two types of UV nail building gels - single phase or three phase gel. If you want to apply UV Builder gel straight on natural nails (of course, correctly prepared first) You have to use One-phase UV builder Gel for example Semilac Only One line.

What is builder gel overlay?

Nail Overlays can help growing short and weak nails. Hard structure of UV Builder Gel can help to create correct C-Curve. Creating correct nail shape and the hard layer that comes from the builder gel will protect you before broken nails. It will helps to rebuild long natural nail plate. The dense formula of the builder gel helps build up the nail plate. High viscosity will protect from chipping.