Professional nail accessories

Semilac offer nail products necessary for manicure, but also tools that will give you a whole new possibilities of styling and making nail art. You will find here essential nail accessories to apply and remove gel nails, gel polish and acrylic nails. Nail accessories are your 'must have' and the absolute basis when comes to a professional nail styling.

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Nail accesories for perfect nails

  1. Manicure accessories : High quality files and buffers. In our store you will get files of different gradation and shape, Nippers, Scissors, Cotton pads
  2. Accessories to take of gel nail polish:  wooden sticks, Semilac striper, remover wraps

Nail accessories for professional nail technicians

  1. Equipment for the professional nail tech workstation: aprons, manicure towels black or white  , manicure table lamp, armrest black or white, nail dust brushnail pump for easy use nail cleaner.
  2. Wide range of e-files and bits
  3. Nail extension accessories
  4. Nail Art tools: Powder effect applicator, brushes
  5. Brushes for the Gel nails

Semilac's offer includes high-quality manicure and pedicure tools that will be appreciated by the most demanding - you should pay attention to the material and production quality which clearly affect their durability.

We guarantee that Semilac manicure tools and accessories will allow you to work with them will be easier. It will also help you to better prepare your nails and cuticles for perfect & long lasting gel polish nails.

All of them can be used in beauty salons and at home.