A perfect salon should be full not only of cosmetics but also of appropriate manicure tools. Without them, it's impossible to do most of the styling procedures and treatments. Such tools include the basic ones that every stylist should own. And additional tools that are helpful for more advanced manicure techniques. Nail tools used to work with nail plate, shape the nails, remove the cuticles, apply or remove gel, and hybrid polish. Browse our website and see what is necessary for you and what is worth buying as additional equipment. You never know when you will need one of the accessories, so it is worth to have a wide range of manicure tools in your drawer.

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Basic nail tools and equipment

You should definitely have manicure tools that can be found in every woman's cosmetic bag. These include small scissors and nippers. Then you also need a nail pusher that is necessary push back cuticles when preparing nail plate for gel / gel nail polish. When choosing individual tools and accessories, pay special attention not only to their quality but also their shape: scissors should be shaped in such a way that you can grip them comfortably and use them in a safe and convenient way. 

Additional nail tools

Professional stylists also opt for electric nail drills. This device significantly improves the nail styling process, helps to remove cuticles, give the appropriate nails shape, shorten them to the desired length, but also to remove the gel and hybrid polish. Such manicure tools require the use of bits designed for various purposes. In addition to an electric nail drill, the styling tools for creating precise patterns and decorations can be particularly useful.