What is UV Gel nail polish?

Gel polish varnish is a new dimension of classic lacquers. This system allows you to enjoy long lasting and beautiful hybrid nails up to 21 days. The main difference between classic polish and gel polish is that it needs to be cured in the UV or UV LED lamp. UV Gel nail Polish (Hybrid) manicure is getting more popular and women convince themselves to try hybrid manicure due to many benefits

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What benefits offer Semilac gel polish varnish?

Semilac formula was prepared to have long lasting and perfect manicure (with Semilac up to 3 weeks), no chipping and resistant to scratches nails. This is a great incentive to use Semilac gel polish system. Our products are recommended for professional nail technicians, beauty salons and trained home gel polish users. Semilac gel polishes are suitable for both manicure and pedicure makes them durable and shiny. Important tip is that your nail plate needs to be prepared correctly before gel polish application, you will find some tips and tricks in our blog or application & removal page.

In Semilac offer you can find over 20 collections perfect for any occasions and preferences. Not sure if you will find something for yourself? You definitely will! Check out over 300 colours. We also have wide range of uv gel polish bases and top coats. New, innovative collections are available every season. Your heart might also steal our innovative products ‘One Step Hybrid’ or Gel Polish 5in1. If you were looking for long lasting, high quality product you are in right place!