Semilac Flash Mermaid nail effect - get to know it better!

Semilac Flash Mermaid nail powder for shellac nails is a product that will create a fabulous effect on your nails! This powderprovides a unique decoration that is hidden in a brocade, orange-gold shade. The application is simple - if you know how to make gel polish nails - this will also be easy for you.

If you love delicate pink or violet colours, this powder effect will look stunning on them. It will add extra shine and girlish look to your styling.

It looks very good during the day and in the sun, but under the artificial lighting light it looks sparkles almost magically. We sincerely recommend!

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Nail powders effects - why is it worth to try it?

Nail powders are of great interest! And it's hardly surprising. This is the perfect way to create a sophisticated look that is created with fabulous ease! In addition, Semilac hybrid nail powders are a guarantee of a rich shine that you can enjoy for many days!

We offer nail powders, thanks to which you will get unique decoration effect. Semilac offers a wide range of nail powder effects. Whether it is mirror effect, chameleon or multicolor particles that will shine and add sophisticated style to your nails! It is worth to try at least one to - to see how wonderfully your nails can stand out among others. You will fall in love with the first application!

Semilac Flash Mermaid 683 nail powder - fabulous shine!

Semilac Flash Mermaid 683 nail powder is a real novelty. If you love shiny nail art! For sure this nail powder will meet your expectations  We will dress your shellac nails with orange-gold shiny effect. Apply Semilac Flash Mermaid 683 nail powder to the product with a dispersion layer, secure it with a regular Semilac top and your manicure is ready!

Mermaid effect can be applied in many different ways and gives different effects depending on the base color and application. This may be your favorite powder effect.