Semilac color charts single tips

Single tips color charts will help you to make the decision which color should you buy or are great way to show your client what type of colors you have. Uv gel polish color charts have really nice design so they will fit your beauty salon. You can store them in the drawer or outside that everyone can see them and watch what colors you have. 

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New colors in your collection? You don't need to waste your time for painting sample color tips any more.

This product is perfect for busy nail salons that not have a time to paint new color charts. Get these lovely and quality color charts and don't waste your time and product any more. All single tips color charts are labelled with their name and number so you can store them in order. It's also really handy that all charts are sold separately so every time when you buy new colors you can simply add new color charts.

Organize your workplace to the smallest detail

Your clients will love the way you present your gel polish colors. It all counts. Remember that all professionals cares about everything, even how they present their gel polish collections. It's really nice to see the color choice on good quality nail tips. Your client will feel that you care for everything and that even small things matter.