Be a sun-kissed by Semilac Bronzers

Change your skin from pale to natural sunny glow in minutes or simply top up your summer tan with Semilac Bronzers.

Every woman dreams of a beautifully spotlight cheekbones or accented chin, but the beauty is a very individual matter. A face that is too rounded can negatively affect your overall well-being. Fortunately, a delicate bronzer is enough to get the desired effect in just a few minutes. A cosmetic appropriately matched to the skin can work wonders!

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How to choose the best bronzer to bring out the fullness of your beauty?

Choose a makeup bronzer slightly darker than your skin tan. The optimal solution is to choose shade with a difference of two tons. But the main key is the compatibility of tones. And so for cool and bright skin, the best bronzers are with a cool shade, including those with a bit of gray pigments.  On the other hand, warm and dark skin looks much better in slightly warmer tones. In this case, choose subtle peaches and various shades of chocolate.

Cool bronzers are mainly reserved for blondes and redheads who are generally very fair-skinned. But not only... Also, owners of blue, gray or green eyes should choose a bronzer in a cool shade. Warm bronzers are dedicated to women with warm hair color and brown, golden eyes. Makeup finish is also important. Contouring cosmetics must be definitely matte, because their role is to create the illusion of shadows, so any illuminating particles are not recommended, because they will emphasize the face oval even more.