Looking for an amazing Gel Nail Kit? Check our Gel Polish Starter Kit!

Are you a Gel Nail Polish beginner?  Semilac Gel Nail Kit is a complementary set of products to do perfect Gel Polish manicure no matter if you want to use it at home or in the beauty salon. You will be surprised of Semilac Quality. Color depth, perfect shine and long lasting formula.

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Try most popular UV Gel Nail Kit Starter Ireland

Check Our 10 pcs Semilac 'TRY ME' kit gel nail polish set that contains everything you need to start with hybrid manicure.

It is a basic package of products and accessories you have to have to get beautiful nails.

What varnishes will you find in this nail starter set? These are two absolute bestsellers - classic red and a safe nude shade. But that's not all! You can choose the third gel polish by yourself, according to your preferences (from standard Semilac palette).

  • 36W UV / LED White Bridge Lamp
  • Semilac Base 3ml,
  • Semilac Top 3 ml,
  • Semilac Color 7ml - Your choice!
  • Semilac 032 Biscuit 3ml,
  • Semilac 231 Girl on fire 3ml,
  • 250 pcs cotton pads,
  • Semilac Acetone 50 ml,
  • Semilac NailCleaner 50 ml,
  • Mini Polisher.

Looking for a more professional Gel Nail Polish starter kit?

Get Semilac 'LOVE ME' kit!

Semilac product package 'LOVE ME CUSTOMIZED' is a unique starter set of 13 items for gel polish manicure. Choosing this product - you get a bundle of high-quality manicure products that are necessary to make and remove hybrid nail styling. What is the difference comparing to other gel polish starter kits? 

  • Here you have a possibility of an individual choice of three colors from the Semilac offer! You decide for yourself what colors you want to add to the package.
  • The 48/24 W Semilac UV LED lamp, which is included in the gel polish starter set, has as many as 3 curing modes, which allows you to make a gel polish and gel nail. The detachable bottom also provides a hassle free gel polish pedicure treatment.

How to do hybrid manicure at home for the first time? Use our nail starter kit.

With Semilac Gel Polish Starter Kit it is very easy as the set contains everything you need to do and remove Gel Polish manicure or pedicure. Check out the Help page of how to properly apply & remove Semilac gel polish.

At our YouTube channel you can also find tutorials with simple nail arts.

You are always welcome to ask the question via our social media or drop email, and we are here to help you!

Now for the affordable price you can try yourself with Gel Polish nails! Remember only to practice making perfect nails!  With Semilac you can have salon quality nails.

Check out our unboxing video. This might help you choose the right gel nail polish starter kit.