UV LED Nail Lamps - choose the most suitable device for yourself. 

Uv Led lamp is an integral part of gel polish, gel or acrylgel manicure. This device is your must have so it's good to know a bit more about this product. Semilac has wide range of uv led lamps, so everyone can find something for themselves. If you are only starting your gel polish adventure you can focus on a different uv led lamp sector but if you are professional we also have something for you. Lamp can really speed up your work so it's really worth to invest in it.  

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Are you only starting your gel polish adventure? We offer UV and LED Nail Lamps for Beginners

If you are beginner and you consider what type of lamp you should get or which one will be the most suitable we are coming with help. You should know that lamp is very important device that can really speed up your curing time. In our offer you can find high quality lamps suitable for all manicure methods. For begginers we recommend 36W Semilac LED Lamp this is the cheaper option and it's comfy bridge shape. But if you would like to spend a bit more we can suggest Semilac LED Lamp Diamond 36W

We also have lamps for all professional Stylists

Would you like to upgrade your equipment or maybe you are just looking for the high quality product? Save your time and cure gel polish colors in less then 30sec. If you are fast enough maybe two lamps for each hand would be a good idea? Think about what you want, but definitely you have to try this UV LED Lamp 48/24W Semilac and you will not regret. This lamp will cure all gel polishes, building gels but also acrylgel. 

Any trip ahead? No problem, this one will fit your hanbag!

We all know that really bad things happen. Broken nail is one of the examples. If you are already away from home you are not gonna be looking for a nail stylist. All you need to have is this little beauty Uv Led Nail Lamp 12W which will rescue you from the worst - bad looking nails. The biggest advantage of this product is the size. You can bring it everywhere and fix your nails in just few minutes!