Semilac Gel Polish Base and Top Coat everything you need to know

Hybrid base and top are essential products in hybrid manicure. Choose the ones that are perfect for you and enjoy the long-lasting hybrid nails. Take care of your nails and choose the best products! Semilac hybrid base and top are a guarantee of satisfaction with use when following the recommended procedure. With such a solid fundament at hand - you don't have to worry about the durability of a hybrid manicure! The only problem will be choosing your favourite gel polish color from the Semilac palette. (part 2 in section below)

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Semilac base coat is the perfect fundament for your hybrid manicure!

Semilac base coat is one of the most important elements when creating a hybrid manicure. Base coat for Semilac gel nail polish is designed to increase the adhesion of Semilac gel polish colors and protect the natural nail plate. This is the basis without which it is impossible to correctly create hybrid nail styling.

Gel polish base coat for easy soak-off 

You should choose

  •         Semilac 2in1 (this is Top & Base in one), for occasional use. If you don’t want to invest in Base & Top coat separately
  •         Semilac Vitamin base – Delicate base coat enriched with Vit. E and B5
  •         Semilac Leveller Base – if you have imperfect nail plate, this base might be very helpfull

These three gel polish base coats are designed for easy soak off but at the same time it might be less durable and your nails will last up to 14 days

Strong gel polish base coat for long lasting manicure, up to 21 days

  •         Our no1 is the Extend Base – dense & strong gel polish base where you can extend nail plate up to 1cm!
  •         Fiber Base - with nylon fibres for special tasks. dedicated for weak nail plate. Milky color perfect for neon and transparent pastel colors
  •         Standard Base – classic consistency easy to apply
  •         Care Base - Helps with weak, thin and brittle nails. With Keratin, Biotin and Vit. E
  •         Pedicure Base – as the name state it was designed for the gel polish pedicure tratment

Top coat for hybrid manicure – why do you need it?

A high-quality gel polish top coat guarantees shine or matte effect with maximum protection for gel polish color varnish.  Make your nails resistant to scratches and color intensity up to 21 days!


If you are looking for a help with gel polish application or removal, go to the ApplicationAndRemoval page and watch our video tutorials. It will definitely help you on the start and remember that only practice make it perfect