Glam nails for your party look

Everyone is looking for unique ideas to make your night out Party extra special.  These are memories you are creating with your friends that you want to last a lifetime! We understand that and we have some extra bits that will make this day special and unique. We know that everything has to be perfect  that day beginning from the makeup, outfit and your nails! Don't forget to paint your nails and they will attract everyone's attention.

With Semilac gel polishes you will create your dream manicure. Our huge choice of colors, decorations and accessories gives you opportunity to shine like a star! Everyone deserves to look incredible all you need is just few products and your party look will be ready. 

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Party on your nails - the best shades that will rock your party look

Your party outfit isn't complete without that gel polish color that will add all that drama to your look. Whether it's the glitter top coat or a classic fiery red, the choices from the Semilac colour spectrum are endless. Not sure what matches your outfit? Go for a dark polish. Want to add punch to your look? An electric blue can do the trick. And if you need that burst of colour, an orange or a pop pink will boost your already playful personality. You can also add some decorations to make your stylization complete. In our offer you can find wide selection of transfer foils and decorations. 

Make your party look unusual and play with the colors. If you don't like to experiment you can pick classic red or dark color - they are safe and always matches stylizations. But if you like colors then pick some contrast hues.