The Most Fashionable Nails For This Summer. These Colors Are a Real Hit of The Season

Everyone is waiting for this moment to finally illuminate their nails with juicy colors, neon shades and deeply pigmented nail polishes that will improve your mood. You won't be able to wait to take them on vacation. Check what color suggestions we have prepared for Holiday nails.

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Each of us wants to have beautiful, long, well-looking nails that catch the eye of others. Additionally, they should be fashionable. If we want to follow this year's summer trends, let's focus on expressive colors and patterns, but slightly more subdued than last season. What nails are currently the most fashionable? We recommend either expressive pastel colors as an nail art addition to a delicate base, e.g. swirl nail design or as a multicolor french mani. Strong neon lights are another proposition. They look fantastic in the ombre style, in a matte finish and as nail art on a light pink or nude background.

Holiday Trends In Manicure

We have some good news for multi-color nails fans. Use colors of all kind do a quick nail art that is on top and your nails will be still hot. For example each nails in a different shade from the same color group. Additionally, the leading trends will be: all shades of nude and minimalist patterns, violet color, colorful french (regardless of whether you choose neon, pastel or glitter colors to paint the nail tip), retro patterns like big dots or square shapes, flower patterns - simple but colorful. Another trend that is on top is animal patterns, especially cow patches, that becoming more and more trendy. They don't have to be black and white of course! You can go crazy with your imagination and choose colors like blue or green.