Professional Electric Nail Drill - great tool to prepare nails & remove gel and gel polish

Semilac Electric Nail Drill is a professional nail technician tool for filing and removing gel polish from nail plate. The most durable nail drill in our offer. It will speed up your work! Electric nail drill is the perfect for both manicure and pedicure, You can use it for gel polish nails, gel nails and acrylic nails. Semilac Drill has speed adjustment, big power. 

This multifunctional device is designed to improve nail styling, make work more comfortable and speed it up. What is more, professional nail drill with high quality nail drill bits will give you more precise work. It will replace manual cutting cuticles with scissors or nippers, manual nail filing, filing gel or gel polish for partial mass removal, removing & polishing the skin around the nail. Cleaning and polishing nail fold area. These are some of the main uses of the electric nail drill.

Save your time and try this excellent quality product.

Electric Drill Semilac - with Type C electrical plug (Europlug), UK adapter included

Rotation Speed - 0-35000 RPM

Power 65 W

Size - L*W*H=115*150*80 mm

N.W 1,386 kg

How to Use Semilac Nail Drill STEP BY STEP

The Semilac electric nail drill machine is a professional device to prepare the nail plate, remove old gel or gel polish manicure and prepare cuticles. Proper and safe use requires experience and knowledge. In order to correctly use the electric nail drill machine and achieve the best results, we highly recommend you to take part in professional nail drill courses. 

1. Connect the power supply cable to the electric nail drill machine. If you want to use the foot part of the nail drill machine - additionally connect the pedal (with its cable).

2. Then connect the handle to the electric nail drill machine. Then firmly turn the center ring of the handle to open the valve, insert nail drill bit and turn back the ring to close the bit ( do not insert too deep. 

3. Using a power supply, connect the drill to the power supply. Press the ON / OFF button and select the desired speed (using the knob) (if you do not have the foot pedal option connected). To change the direction of rotation, turn off and press the FWD / REV button.

4. The electric nail file is ready to use. Remember that the nail drill bit should not be perpendicular / vertical to the nail plate.


We also offer high quality nail drill bits, please check the category: Nail Drill Bits.

179,00 € tax incl.

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