Semilac Mini Pen Electric Nail Drill is an easy choice for quick and safe removal
of UV gels, gel polishes and acrylic manicures. This high-quality and compact drill, intended
for manicures, allows you to easily work on cuticles, prepare nail plates
and remove uv gels, gel polishes and acrylic.

We do not recommend this nail drill for frequent salon use.  If you are nail tech and the nail drill will be used regularly. We recommend Black Semilac 65W nail drill

Thanks to its compact size and low weight, you can perform manicures anywhere and anytime. Easy to charge via any USB port and intuitive to use, this tool helps you get the job done at your convenience


Simply plug the Mini Pen electric nail drill into any USB power socket,
switch on using the R/F button to indicate the direction of rotation,
and use the rotary knob to smoothly adjust the speed. Despite its small size,
this high-performance drill offers smooth speed adjustment up to 30,000 RPM
and the comfort of quiet, vibration-free operation.


The Mini Pen Electric Nail Drill is the perfect choice for those starting out with hybrid manicures. 

Main characteristics of the electric nail drill: 

- Easy solution for quick and safe removal of hybrid, gel and acrylic products. 

- Ultra lightweight. 

Powerful and quiet vibration-free operation. 

- Ideal for removal of manicures yourself. 

- Digital rotational speed display. 

- Unique magenta colour. 

- Simple system for changing drill bits. 

Smooth speed adjustment up to 30,000 RPM. 

- Compact dimensions. 

- Charging via any USB socket. 

- Length of the power cord is ~ 123 cm, for convenient work without restrictions. 

- Torque: 140–200 gcm= 1.4–2 Ncm 

- Motor type: brush. 

The set includes: 

Handle - nail drill 

USB cable with potentiometer  

Operating instructions

65,99 € tax incl.

  • Instructions for replacing the nail drill bits:

    Turn the locking mechanism to the left, in accordance with the arrow, towards the open padlock symbol (you will hear a characteristic click), and then place the Semilac nail drill bit in the head so that the distance between the end of the handle and the beginning of the nail drill bit head is approx. 5-10 mm . This distance depends on the length of the handle on which the nail drill bit head is mounted and the individual techniques of the operator. The nail drill bit should not protrude too much when placed in the handle, as it may cause vibration of the handle and loud operation of the device. The nail drill bit should not stick to the very end of the head, because pressing it too hard may damage the head mechanism. When, after placing the nail drill bit in the sleeve, you feel resistance (it will be inserted to the very end), it should be moved forward by a few millimeters. After the nail drill bit is properly placed, turn the locking mechanism to the right, in accordance with the arrow, towards the closed padlock symbol (you can hear a characteristic click).

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