Professional carbide straight nail drill bit with specific end shape and very long life. Despite sterilization, it maintains its properties for many months of work. Thanks to the specific shape of the cuts it allows:

  • ideally remove 100% epithelium in a completely non-invasive way - no grams of activity on the nail plate. IT DO NOT MATTE NAIL PLATE DURING THE WORK. This nail drill bit will make your work much easier & cleaner - and therefore faster.
  • ideally we remove the epithelium and imperfections on the proximal and lateral folds at the lowest possible speed (1-5.000 revolutions). Thanks to this it is absolutely non-invasive.
  • Perfectly remove the epithelium from the nail at a very fast rate: 10-20 seconds for the nail
  • great to cut cornea (also at low speed (4-6.000)
  • excludes empty runs and shortens work time due to two-sided movements

19,99 € tax incl.

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