Semilac Aurora Shine Diamond manicure ornament 6 mm 

Fine, silver rhinestones 6mm size are an excellent idea when you are looking for an easy way to diversify your favourite manicure. The round shape, the tiny size and the magnificent glow of these ornaments work perfectly whenever you are looking for a simple variation on your designs, or for a bit of gloss. 

Unique product features:

• Fine, shimmering rhinestone-resembling crystals which will add an amazing gloss to your nail styling.

• Product can be used with gel or gel polishes 

• Very easy application

SIZE: 6 mm

QUANTITY: 50 pieces


1. Using Top Coat =>  On a top coat: Apply the ornament on a non-cured UV gel polish top coat. Cure nails under the lamp. If you are using a classic top coat, remember to degrease the nails with Semilac Nail Cleaner (after nail curing under the lamp).

2. Using Extend Base or tips glue: Using a brush, apply a drop of the Extend Base or Tips Glue on a cured top coat and place a zirconia on the non-cured product, pressing gently to submerse it in the base coat. Cure under the lamp. Wipe with Nail Cleaner.

3. Do not apply a top coat on Classic Shine Diamond; otherwise, the rhinestones may lose their glow. 

1,86 € tax incl.


2,48 € tax incl.

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