The darker it gets, the brighter the stars shine - and this principle applies here too. This color will bring out all the beauty within you!

Dark Summer Night

When the sun has long disappeared beyond the horizon, you settle into your favorite corner, wrap yourself in a blanket, grab your favorite book, or simply gaze at the stars, or maybe get ready for a party. Regardless of your mood, Patio Soirée will be the perfect companion for your evening. With its versatility and timelessness, it's a makeup essential that will never go out of style. And thanks to its subtle hints of purple and bronze, it will be truly one of a kind.

Curing time
UV LED lamp 12 W - 2 x 60 sec.
UV LED lamp 15W/24– 60 sec.
UV LED lamp 24W/48 - 60 sec.
UV LED lamp 24W/36 – 60 sec.
Diamond UV LED 36W/54 lamp - 60 sec.
Diamond UV LED lamp 24W/48 - 60 sec.

10,98 € tax incl.

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