Semilac Cuticle Scissors 23mm

Do you want the manicure you make be always on the highest quality? If you are a professional, then you know that beautiful nails start with the basics, and cutting out the skins around the nail plate is a necessary activity. So take care of their perfect removal. Discover our extremely sharp Semilac cuticle scissors.
Thanks to them, you will effectively deal with unwanted skins, even at the most demanding client!

The smallest Semilac cutters with a sharp and 23 mm long finish, which are great for both removal of cuticles and combined manicure.

The narrow blade is significantly rounded, so this model is perfect for working with your clients' wide nails. A small arc will precisely reach hard-to-reach skins, and a thin blade will remove them accurately. The extended handles will improve the visibility of the hands during the procedure.

The contoured handle with a polished back surface is perfect in the hand and avoids injuries during treatments.

The scissors are solidly made and their ending remains long sharp. A small silicone cover attached to them will additionally secure them.
Surgical stainless steel from which we made our products is a high strength material that does not cause allergy, and is also resistant to disinfecting products.

Intended for professional use.

21,00 € tax incl.

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