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Double-sided magnetic blade with a very strong magnet that will allow you to create unique designs thanks to maneuvering particles of Semilac Cat Eye Gel Polish, Semilac Cat Eye 3D and Semilac Magic Cat Eye.

The blade has two magnetic tips. The rectangular tip of the spatula attracts a colored speck, and the round one repels it. The Magnet Duo spatula can be applied from all sides of the nail: from above, from the side, and even under the fingertip, creating infinitely many possibilities for interesting patterns. Line, circle, swirl, unevenly blurred streak? Create anything you want!

The Semilac Magnet Duo blade should be brought a few millimeters closer to the uncured hybrid varnish Semilac Cat Eye, Semilac Cat Eye 3D or Semilac Magic Cat Eye for a few seconds, and after obtaining the corresponding pattern - cure the styling in the lamp.

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5,99 € tax incl.

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