Vitamin Primer Acid Free - 7ml

Vitamin primer is a product for special tasks that degreases the nail plate, and therefore increasing the adhesion varnish to the nail plate. The acid-free formula of the preparation has been enriched with vitamin E. The product acts as a double-sided adhesive tape, which significantly extends the durability of the nail styling.

Semilac Vitamin Primer can only be applied to a natural and undamaged nail plate. 


  • Acid-free formula with vit. E.
  • Increases the durability of gel polish manicure
  • You can use it with acrylgel, UV Gels, Gel Polish
  • Product does not freeze (like other acid free primers)

Product recommended for professional use.

6,49 € tax incl.

  • USE
    Before using Semilac Vitamin Primer, you should correctly prepare your nails for the manicure  - buff the nail plate with a Semilac sanding block, and then degrease it with Semilac Nail Cleaner. Only then, you can use Semilac Vitamin Primer. The first step is to soak the brush in Primer, Semilac Vitamin Primer should be applied to the nail plate in a small amount, avoiding the cuticle area. You can get rid of the excess product by rubbing the brush against the neck of the bottle. After applying the product, wait for it to evaporate (about 2 minutes). After this time, you can additionally wipe the nail plate with a Semilac dust-free pads. Then you can start applying gel polish manicure according to Semilac rules.

    For precautions and user guide please click this link

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