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Semilac Nail Cleaner - a degreaser that perfectly removes the thin, sticky layer formed after curing the hybrid varnish, top or Semilac gel in a UV and UV LED lamp. It is also perfect as a tool for degreasing the natural plate before starting with gel polish application

The product is dermatologically tested.

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  • Nail cleaner

    A nail cleaner is an essential product in gel nail polish manicure. Regardless of whether you have been styling nails for a long time, or you are just at the beginning of your journey, this preparation will definitely help you style your nails. You don't know what the product is and how to use a nail cleaner? Stay with us.

    Nail cleaner - what is it for?

    A nail cleaner is a degreaser that you can use in two ways. The first is to degrease the nails after preparing the nail plate. This process creates a lot of dust which makes it difficult to continue working. What's more, its incorrect removal may cause the wrong application of the manicure base. This, in turn, can lead to coming in the air under the varnish that cause chipping. The cleaner will remove dust and impurities from the surface of the nail plate. It will degrease the nails and make the hybrid, gel or acrylic gel base applied to the nail plate free of dust.

    How else can you use Semilac Nail Cleaner? For removing the sticky layer from the varnish, which is created after the the last layer is applier and cured. (unless it is Semilac Top No Wipe product) 

    After this dose of information, you are wondering how to use a cleaner? You will find the answer below.

    Nail cleaner - how to use?

    Would you like to learn how to use a nail cleaner? Its application is really simple. In this section we will discuss how to use a nail cleaner.

    In order to be able to degrease your nails, you will need special manicure cotton pad that will absorb the cleaner well and will not leave any dust on your nails. Put on high-quality Semilac dust-free cotton pads, which have become a favorite and irreplaceable product for both nail stylists and girls who do manicure at home. Our cotton pads are very efficient and do not break when rubbing the nails. Soaked in Semilac Nail Cleaner, they effectively remove all fine dust from the surface of the nail plate. All you need to do is soak a cotton pad with a small amount of Nail Clenaer, and then wipe your nails. The preparation will degrease the nail plate well, thanks to which the further application of nail styling products will be smooth.

    If, on the other hand, you want to remove the sticky layer that was formed after the standard top cured, you should also use Semilac Nail Cleaner. As before, soak a lint-free cotton pads in the cleaner and wipe your nails with it. That's it! It's simple, isn't it?

    Semilac Nail Cleaner - which capacity I need?

    If you do a manicure only for yourself, you can choose a small version of Semilac Nail Cleaner, i.e. 50ml. A small bottle should be enough for your first self manicure treatments.

    Nail cleaner - what to watch out for?
    You must remember that a nail cleaner is a flammable product, so keep it in a suitable place. A sunny window sill will definitely not be such a point. Avoid exposing the product to high temperatures. It is best to store the cleaner in a dark place where children will not have access.

    That's all we wanted to tell you about the Semilac nail cleaner.

  • USE
    Degreasing the natural plate
    When starting a manicure, first mat the plate well with a polishing block. Then, a dust-free cotton pad should be soaked in Semilac Nail Cleaner and rubbed into each nail. This treatment will degrease the nails and remove dust and impurities formed during the preparation of the nail plate.

    Removal of the dispersion layer
    After finishing the last layer, remove the sticky layer of dispersion with Semilac Nail Cleaner. (unless you use Semilac Top No Wipe )You should soak a dust-free cotton pad in Semilac Nail Cleaner and wipe each nail with it until the sticky layer completely disappears.

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