Welcome to the land of magical mermaids, where the shade of yellow gold comes to life like the rays of the sun on the waves of the ocean. Discover the super-fashionable shade of sunbaked yellow and let yourself be transported into the world of boundless magic and undiscovered secrets. Delicate holographic particles with the SUNFLASH effect sparkle wonderfully in the sun, evoking the image of sandy beaches and shiny shells thrown ashore by sea waves.

NEW - the latest SUNFLASH effect makes the particles embedded in the varnishes from the SEAQUEEN collection reflect the sun's rays, wrapping your hands with an amazing glow and charm

Discover the power of the SUNFLASH effect!

Effect: Flash

Coverage: Semi-transparent

Color group: Gold

Curing time
UV LED lamp 12 W - 60 sec.
UV LED lamp 15W/24– 30 sec.
UV LED lamp 24W/36 – 30 sec.
UV LED lamp 24W/48 – 30 sec.
Diamond UV LED lamp 24W/48 - 30 sec.
Diamond UV LED 36W/54 lamp - 30 sec.

10,90 € tax incl.

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