A warm nude shade acrylgel

A semi-transparent, thick acrylic gel in a warm beige shade. It is perfect as a cover
for a French manicure and for warm skin tones.

Depending on the thickness of the applied layer, coverage of 30% to 80% can be achieved.

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  • It is a pleasure to work with this product. And all this thanks to the perfect consistency: thick and plastic, and at the same time hard after curing - perfect for working and filing. In this product, we made sure that its formula does not get airy, and that no bothersome bubbles appear during application. The acrylgel also minimizes the risk of burning feeling, thus reducing the painful curing in the lamp to a minimum.


    Extensions: YES
    Consistency: Thick
    Colour: Transparent
    Application: Building, extending, overlay and regrowth replenishment
    Superstructure: YES
    Replenishment of roots: YES


    It reduces the burning sensation in the lamp to a minimum
    Easy to develop
    It does not aerate
    Perfect for extending and building the nail plate
    Innovative - combines the advantages of gel and acrylic - more flexible than acrylic, stronger than hard gel
    No unpleasant odor

    UV LED lamp 12 W - 2 x 60 sec.
    UV LED lamp 15W/24– 60 sec.
    UV LED lamp 24W/48 - 60 sec.
    UV LED lamp 24W/36 – 60 sec.
    Diamond UV LED 36W/54 lamp - 60 sec.
    Diamond UV LED lamp 24W/48 - 60 sec.

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